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Visit York!

June 16, 2010

A quick blog post this time, and not strictly on Brewed Coffee. A couple of days ago I travelled up to York for the day to try two well regarded coffee shops – The Perky Peacock and Harlequin Coffee and Tea. Both of them I first learnt of from Steve Leighton’s In My Mug videos, and had been meaning to visit for a while.

The Perky Peacock

I had chatted with Nicola at The Perky P on twitter for a while, so it was great to actually meet her in person. The Perky Peacock is a lovely little coffee shop underneath Lendal Bridge. Nicola uses a house blend from HasBean, which I had as an espresso, a macchiato and from the Marco Filtro filter machine. It’s a good blend and Nicola pulls it as a lively espresso which stands up well to the milk.

Harlequin Coffee and Tea
There’s a small ground floor entrance to this central little tea shop on the first floor in King’s Square. It’s run by Gordon, a fantastic barista. Gordon showed me the great range of HasBean coffees they stock, talked through how they make their coffees and asked me where I wanted to start. I happily put myself in his hands – he’s hugely knowledgeable and enthusiastic on his subject. He made me two espressos – one pulled short, the other long – and talked me through the tasting, discussing the flavours, how he would usually pull it, and so on. Then I tried a French Press – very nice – and he insisted on doing me a macchiato as well before I went. The macchiato was creamy, caramel and sweet, with the coffee and milk complementing each other very nicely.

If you’re near York, visit these shops. They are great shops, making great coffee and deserve people spreading the word. I want to say a huge thankyou to Nicola and Gordon – I firmly believe the best part of being a coffee enthusiast has been the people I’ve met, and they exemplify that. Both of them are hugely generous, kind, talented and friendly. I’m not eloquent enough to fully express my gratitude and enthusiasm, so I’ll just say again – make sure you find the opportunity to visit these wonderful shops yourself.


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  1. Nice stuff, both Nicola and Gordon are great people who run great shops and do such a good job with our coffee, so pleased to hear there getting it right.

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