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Brewing Diversity

September 9, 2010

I’m a big believer in diversity in brewing coffee. It’s something that a fair few people have talked about before, but one worth another mention. But what do I mean by diversity in brewing? Well, two things…

Diversity in brew method
We’re lucky that the UK, and many other countries too now, have access to great micro-lots of coffee, roasted by great people and shipped to us straight away. So you’ve got your lovely bag of single estate through the post, ripped it open, brewed a french press (for example) and it’s lovely. Stunning. So you drink it morning, noon and night. And it’s still lovely – and then you realise you’ve only got a little left. At this point, you’ve got two choices – finish it off in the french press, or risk some experimentation. I’m in favour of the later – in fact, I always try to brew any coffee I get across as wide a range of brewing methods as possible.

The reason for this, is that no brewing method gives you the “real” flavour. Each method showcases a different element of the coffee. So to really appreciate your great coffee (and the great roaster and farmers and importers 🙂 ), you need to explore it – to try out different methods and see how it performs. It risks losing some of your precious beans to a disappointing cup of coffee or two, but it’s worth it for what you might find.

Diversity in coffees
The second part of this, is to try new coffees. I’ve recently been trying coffees from some different roasters, including The Coffee Collective in Denmark. I’d heartily recommend this – try coffees from different (roasting) countries, different roasters, different origins. It’s great to expand your taste experience, and it’s great for making you appreciate just how good the ones you use on a more regular basis are!


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