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The AeroPress: Short or Long?

November 3, 2010

An apt follow-up to my comments on brewing guides, this is a description of a few of my AeroPress brewing methods. It was sparked by a twitter conversation between Flibster and BenJohnMiller 

Now, I consider the AeroPress a really interesting addition to my coffee kit. It’s not my favourite for taste – but it has the distinction of being by far the most versatile brewer I know of. So here are my main categories of AeroPress method, and my own preferences on how I brew each way.

Long Drink
A traditional filter style coffee.

1. Grind 18g of coffee to a coarse filter grind.
2. Construct AeroPress (for simplicity, hereafter called AP) and place on mug. Wash the filter paper through with a little freshly boiled water.
3. Empty said water from mug, replace the AP and add the ground coffee.
4. Add freshly boiled water (approx 90° C), until the top of the brew liquid reaches the 4 mark.
5. Use the AP stirrer to create an even stirring motion until the liquid reaches the 2 mark.
6. Top up to 4, repeat step 5.
7. Plunge.
(must be adjusted for mug volume 😛 )

Short Drink
Not an espresso, not a traditional filter coffee – kind of half way between.

1. Grind 20g of coffee to a consistency between filter and espresso.
2. Construct AP, but use 2 filter papers rather than 1.
3. Add coffee to the AP and add approx. 20g of hot water.
4. Stir, and allow 15 seconds for swelling of grinds. Try and leave grinds in a flat bed.
5. Positioning AP stirrer with the bottom touching the side, just above the coffee bed.
6. Add hot (approx 90° C) water, pouring slowly onto the AP stirrer, so the coffee bed is not disturbed.
7. Fill to 3 mark.
8. Wait 30 seconds, then plunge.

A short drink diluted with hot water.

See The HasBean Aeropress brew guide 😛

  1. Ben permalink

    (runs for the kitchen) Another two unique methods to try! 🙂

    When you consider that these days, you can get change out of £20 for an Aeropress, what terrific value for money they really are! So many different ways in which they can be used and no matter which way you prefer, as long as you stick to a sensible brew ratio, the results are never disappointing.

    I once even read that a guy used it as a pseudo plunger to unblock his sink! Is there anything this thing can’t do!?!? That made me laugh.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Nigel permalink

    Will have to give those methods a go – particularly intrigued by the short method

    Have yet to be happy adding milk to an aeropress brew, so I don’t bother, but if you have any tips I’d be interested to hear them. Not something I want often, but just occasionally…

    Anyway, thanks for this!


  3. Ben permalink

    Nigel, try some ‘Blake’ with it! 🙂

  4. Nigel permalink

    Thanks Ben, unfortunately just run out! Will be ordering more I’m sure.

  5. Good post however I was wondering if you
    could write a litte more on this subject? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Cheers!

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