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About the blog

First I tried forums. Then Facebook. Then a wiki. Then Twitter. So trying a blog eventually was fairly inevitable. That said, I was always certain that it wouldn’t be about coffee. Of all my interests, only films are better covered online than coffee – there are some truly excellent coffee resources/blogs/etc. online.

The one area of online coffee coverage and discussion that’s a bit lacking is the convergence between speciality coffee and the cevze/ibrik brewing method. As it happens, that’s been an area of interest for me – hence this blog.

As to the name of the blog , it was chosen with two things in mind. Firstly, and most importantly, that I didn’t want to restrict myself to covering just the ibrik/cevze – I enjoy all brewed coffee methods and may occasionally post about them and other tangental coffee news. Secondly, that I’m unable to resist working a song or phrase reference into a title whenever the opportunity presents itself.

In terms of plans for this blog, I’ll be starting with a Links page (to some of  those previously mentioned excellent coffee blogs and sites) and some thoughts on the UK Cevze/Ibrik championships – then we’ll see how things develop.

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